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Restoration experts are now calling for greater regulation of the field.


The original, from a copy of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s work, and two restoration attempts. Courtesy of CEDIDA / EUROPA PRESS.

The original, from a copy of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s work, and two restoration attempts. Courtesy of CEDIDA / EUROPA PRESS.


An attempt to restore a copy of baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables has turned its beatific Virgin Mary into a misshapen lump with red lips.


Immediately drawing comparisons to the viral “Beast Jesus” restoration fail of 2012, this latest attempt by an amateur restorer is prompting experts in Spain to call for more stringent regulations.


The anonymous owner of the marred Murillo work paid €1,200 ($1,350) for it to be cleaned by a furniture restorer, Europa Press reported, and was outraged when not one, but two attempts resulted in a complete disfiguration.


María Borja, a vice president of the Valencia chapter of the Professional Association of Conservative Restorers of Spain, told the outlet that while a handful of these incidents come to wide attention because of social media, “there are a multitude of situations where the works are intervened by people without training… possibly causing irreversible change.”


Elías García Martínez, Ecce Homo (1930), and Cecilia Giménez’s infamous 2012 restoration attempt.


Although the organization’s fundamental objectives include language that advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage, such as paintings, there is no specification for a professional conservation restorer to be commissioned. Speaking to the Guardian, former association president Fernando Carrera, who is a professor in conservation and restoration, said “I don’t think this guy—or these people—should be referred to as restorers… they’re bodgers who botch things up. They destroy things.”


“Can you imagine just anyone being allowed to operate on other people? Or someone being allowed to sell medicine without a pharmacist’s license?” Carrera added, noting that while he understands restorers are not as critical to society as doctors, “we need to focus society’s attention on this… this is our history.”


Other failed conservation attempts in recent history include the refurbishment of a 500-year-old statue of St. George at the Church of San Miguel de Estella in Navarre, Spain, which resulted in a Disneyfied makeover; the statue of Santa Barbara at Brazil’s Santa Cruz da Barra Chapel; and the 15th-century statue of Virgin Mary that was “restored” by a local woman in Asturias, Spain.

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En Espagne, la restauration d’une peinture du Christ fait hurler (August 22, 2012)

NONA LIMMEN 'An endless dream'

NONA LIMMEN 'An endless dream II'

NONA LIMMEN 'Infinity'


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The clinging beauty of mountains drowned in morning mist.

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NONA LIMMEN 'Invocation'

NOMA LIMMEN 'Untitled'

NONA LIMMEN 'Selfportrait III'




Dutch photographer Nona Limmen is based in Amsterdam, but her marvelous analog photos capture visions of a vast, mystical world nebulously bordering our own. This mysterious land, woven of dreams and memories, is inhabited by powerful women, liminal creatures wielding arcane forces so great they sometimes fracture their very being.




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*Retro-bréviaire de la scène locale PQ et cinéma de claustration :



Slave To The Grind
Doug Robert Brown, Canada, 2018, 99 min


If you lived in Flint Michigan, USA in the 80s, you likely worked in an auto factory. If you lived in Birmingham, England in the 80s, you likely worked in an industrial setting. If you were a teenager in either of these cities during those years, you either accepted your fate or broke the mold. In defiance of tradition, groups of punk rockers and metalheads in these respective cities created a new sound, and consequently a new genre of music that was too punk for metalheads, and too heavy for punks.


Grindcore fused the anarchistic attitudes of the UKs Punk scene with the speed and drunken aggression of Death Metal, which was simultaneously being created in the US. When Napalm Death released ‘Scum’ in 1986, world-renowned BBC DJ, John Peel, announced that ‘Grindcore’ was the fastest and most abrasive sounding music imaginable, and he was right.


Slave To The Grind is the first documentary on Grindcore to capture the genre’s 35 year life span. The film takes you to Japan, the United States, UK, Australia, Singapore, Finland and Sweden to discuss why the genre has persisted, and changed, over time.


Slave To The Grind (2018) by DOUG BROWN










‘De retour des cendres, et en PDF!’ :



Mai 2018 – Qui l’eu cru? Déjà 20 ans??? non, c’était hier n’est-ce pas? Beaucoup de fluides ont coulés sous les ponts depuis le lancement du SANG FRAIS #1 (3 mai 1998: Dragon Lore + Aphasia au Café Chaos). Le dernier Sang Frais ayant été publié en 2005, c’est donc dire que tous les metalleux du Québec qui célèbreront leurs 20 ans cette année n’ont probablement jamais eu le plaisir de nous lire. Peut-être le Sang Frais est-il simplement une légende urbaine? un mythe?


Peu importe, sa mission de faire passer les artisans à l’histoire aura été accomplie haut la main, et ce site se veut une façon de partager les souvenirs de notre magnifique scène locale. Voici donc pour vous, les SANG FRAIS #1 à #17 en PDF à lire dans le confort de votre foyer. Cheers!



Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition (2012) by WILLIAM J. KIESEL

Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition
William Keisel


Three Hands Press
2012, 70 pages

With the center of the circle as a starting point, orientation can take on precise meaning in the context of its ritual, which was designed to secure spiritual knowledge and material dominion in the world through the agency of spirits, stars and cabalistic arcana.


Magic Circles have been depicted in popular expressions of magic and witchcraft as well as detailed with full rubrics in traditional manuals of magic such as the Clavicula Solomonis or Liber Juratus. Using narrative, visual and textual material available from European grimoires and manuscripts, the author discusses the various forms and functions of this important piece of apparatus employed by magicians in the Western Esoteric Tradition, including their role in providing authority and protection to the operator, as well as examples of their use in divination and treasure finding. Additionally, contemporary examples of the magic circle at work in modern esoteric praxis are provided and discussed in light of the traditional approaches they exhibit. This monograph serves to explicate this important tool of ceremonial magic and is valuable to practitioners of the art magical with its technical data, while also providing context in historical settings for the merely curious reader of occult subjects. Illustrated throughout.






*Cinéma de confinement, édition quatrième semaine de cloître :



The Legend of Hell House
John Hough, UK, 1971, 95 min


A team consisting of a physicist, his wife, a young female psychic and the only survivor of the previous visit are sent to the notorious Hell House to prove/disprove survival after death. Previous visitors have either been killed or gone mad, and it is up to the team to survive a full week in isolation, and solve the mystery of the Hell House.


The Legend of Hell House (1973) by JOHN HOUGH

The Legend of Hell House (1973) by JOHN HOUGH

The Legend of Hell House (1973) by JOHN HOUGH

L'Abbatiale de la
Liturgie Apocryphe

"The production of nervous force is directly connected with the diet of an individual, and its refining depends on the very purity of this diet, allied to appropriate breathing exercises.

The diet most calculated to act effectively on the nervous force is that which contains the least quantity of animal matter; therefore the Pythagorean diet, in this connection, is the most suitable.


The main object was to avoid introducing into the organism what Descartes called 'animal spirits'. Thus, all animals that had to serve for the nourishment of the priests were slaughtered according to special rites, they were not murdered, as is the case nowadays".