B. A. VierlingB. A. VierlingB. A. Vierling

BENJAMIN ALBRECHT VIERLING (…) paints work that looks as if it could have been painted several hundred years ago, portraying contemporary subjects in a majestic, mythic light


B. A. Vierling cover for 'On The Powers Of The Sphinx' (2010) V/A

B. A. Vierling cover for Nightbringer 'Apocalypse Sun' (2010)

B. A. Vierling cover for Avichi 'The Devil’s Fractal' (2011)

B. A. Vierling cover for Weapon 'From The Devil's Tomb' (2010)



A myth tells an eternal story, a drama that is timeless because it is always happening. The tradition of classical painting provides forms that reflect these epic human experiences. The painter endeavors to depict the myth as a tangible point for contemplation. In the spirit of this pursuit, Vierling presents (…) unique visions. The structure of these compositions acknowledge centuries of painting, from the Renaissance to the Fin de siècle, but the inspiration comes from the mundane. Real subjects, intimately rendered, provide the foundation of a living Mythos.