A dream world, a world of magic and ritual, yet there are images there of the burning cars and radar systems, which remind you there is a price to be paid in order to gain this dream in the face of a world of violence …



The Angelic Conversation
Derek Jarman, UK, 1985, 77 min



The Angelic Conversation is a 1985 arthouse drama film directed by Derek Jarman. Its tone is set by the juxtaposition of slow moving photographic images and Shakespeare’s sonnets read by Judi Dench – WIKI



The soundtrack to the film was composed and performed by Coil, and it was released as an album of the same title :


Coil 'The Angelic Conversation' (1994)

CoilThe Angelic Conversation‘ (1994)




Coil ‘Heartworms’, images taken from Garden of Luxor (1972) by DEREK JARMAN (here)
Journey to avebury (1971) de DEREK JARMAN (here)
In the Shadow of the Sun (1980) by DEREK JARMAN (here)
T.G.: Psychic Rally in Heaven (1981) by DEREK JARMAN (here)