Genius or crank? Rosaleen Norton was the most persecuted, prosecuted and daring female artist in Australian history


In 1950’s Sydney, artist Rosaleen Norton becomes a media sensation when the police confiscate her paintings and charge her with obscenity. Initially, she plays along, hoping the publicity would help sell paintings. But before long, allegations of satanic rituals, unexplained murders and sex orgies hit the headlines. Her lover, the famous conductor Sir Eugene Goossens’ career is destroyed in the crossfire between a cop intent on jailing her and a journalist desperate for a scoop. At the vanguard of feminism and the counter culture revolution, Rosaleen Norton was persecuted for her dangerous ideas that now appear prophetic.


Ultimately, the film is an inspirational story of a brave woman who dared to be different.


The Witch of Kings Cross







ROSALEEN NORTON (September 10, 2014)
Syrinx (1965) par RYAN LARKIN (May 31, 2011)