November 30, 2010 on The 33 News:
Fort Worth Buses: Good Without God

Advertisements on buses deliver all sorts of messages like “Hunger is here,” or Hot & bothered.” Starting next week a controversial ad will be zipping around Fort Worth on the sides of buses. It will read “Millions of Americans Are Good Without God.”

“Kids are riding the bus and that is not showing a good thing for the kids.” Denise Harvard said. She frequently rides buses with her son and believes the city made a mistake allowing four buses to carry the ad. The Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition Of Reason paid $2500 to have the ads run for 30 days. Coalition spokesperson Terry McDonald says the ads are designed to encourage non-believers to feel comfortable and come out of the closet.

Read more about the campaign here.

Christians Hire Stalker-Truck for Atheist Bus Ads
December 6, 2010 on Fox

An anonymous group is trying to draw attention away from atheistic billboards posted on Fort Worth buses.

There are four Fort Worth T buses bearing the banner that says, “Millions of Americans are Good without God” on the streets of the city.

But behind one of the buses is a mobile billboard truck with a message reading, “I still love you. -God”

The pro-Christian ad is paid for by a group of pastors and businessmen who don’t wish to be identified.