‘Each week we pay homage to a select “Original Creator”—an iconic artist from days gone by whose work influences and informs today’s creators. These are artists who were innovative and revolutionary in their fields. Bold visionaries and radicals, groundbreaking frontiersmen and women who inspired and informed culture as we know it today. This week: Stan Brakhage’ … Read the full article here.

Dog Star Man
Stan Brakhage, USA, 1961-1964, 78 min

‘Probably his most famous work, Dog Star Man is a film cycle composed of a prelude and four distinct segments that, in their entirety, span seventy-eight minutes. He worked on the film from 1961 to 1964 and it fluctuates between different layers of image and superimposition. Each segment is compositionally and even narratively different, ranging from subjects such as the beginning of the universe and the Fall of Man. Later, he would expand the film into the four hour epic, the Art of Vision’.

Original Creators: Stan Brakhage


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