Turning The Art World Inside Out
Jack Cocke, UK, 2013, 69 min

Alan Yentob travels the world to discover why so-called “Outsider Art” has gone from being one of the most overlooked art-forms of the late 20th century, to one of the most essential of the 21st century.

In this episode from the acclaimed BBC documentary strand “Imagine”, Yentob travels from Japan’s Miho Mountains to Creative Growth in California, encountering self-taught artists like Shinichi Sawada, Ionel Talzapan, George Widener and William Scott, alongside Joe Coleman, Heinrich Reisenbauer, Dan Miller and Paul Laffoley.

There are contributions from some of the genre’s many activists and admirers, including Johann Feilacher (Gugging, Vienna), James Brett (The Museum of Everything, London), curators Massimiliano Gioni (New Museum, NY) and Ralph Rugoff (Hayward Gallery, London) and art critics Roberta Smith (New York Times) and Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine).

They are joined by gallerists Frank Maresca (Ricco Maresca, NY) and Henry Boxer (Henry Boxer Gallery, London) and pioneers John Maizels (Raw Vision, London) and Rebecca Hoffberger (American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore), who together try to assess the challenges posed by an alternative art historical narrative.





Bozarts (1969) de JACQUES GIRALDEAU (June 20, 2013)
R.I.P., Rest in Pieces: A Portrait of Joe Coleman (1997) by ROBERT-ADRIAN PEJO
(December 26, 2011)
MARCEL BARIL: figure énigmatique de l’art québécois (2002) (November 23, 2011)