Nat Freedland's 1973 LP 'The Occult Explosion'

Les gars d’Amanita Bloom m’ont offert ce ‘long-jeu’ pour me remercier d’avoir travaillé sur la pochette de leur album Furniture Music’ (Gatefold LP & CD) à parraitre sur Machette (fin Octobre).  Tout à fait dans le ton.  Un réel plaisir.  Mes sentiments les meilleurs.

Nat Freedland's 1973 LP 'The Occult Explosion'


Interviews with some of America’s leading occult spokes’men and women in their respective fields, explaining their work in their own voices, with a narrative which weaves it all together in an illuminating whole.

Experts cover topics such as Astrology, Yoga, Mysticism, UFO’s, Withcraft, Satanism, Reincarnation, ESP, Psychic Phenomena, Spiritualism, Indian Magic, and Meditation.

This recording is based on Nat Freedland’s book of the same name. Released as a double LP record set in 1973. A tripped out Gatefold sleeve, incorporating a 12 page booklet (w. illus. by Wilfried Satty), written by Freedland, a former LA Free Press columnist. Recordings feature interviews with, among others, Anton Szandor LaVey (Satanism), Alan Watts (Meditation), Thelma Moss (ESP), the artist/illustrator Satty, and two “Satanic inspired rock recordings” by British rockers Black Widow. These two tracks are satanic rock at its finest! HAIL SATAN!


“Flying saucers, witchcraft, Satanism, reincarnation, ESP and psychic phenomena in general, what’s it all about? More and more people are asking themselves this question as these things appear more frequently in magazines and newspapers, on TV, and wherever people gather to talk.”

“This LP organizes, summarizes, and places in clearly understandable context the many confusing aspects of the Occult.”

“Explore Invisible doorways to that misunderstood and endlessly fascinating place, the world of the occult.”

Download ‘The Occult Explosion’ on Internet Archive.