‘In the early nineties several Norwegian bands laid emphasis on the primitive sounds of the historic metal bands, BATHORY, VENOM, and CELTIC FROST. When these bands began recording albums their proximity and timing resulted in the specific sound of Black Metal’

Black Metal (2005) by Tracy KranitzNattefrost of Carpathian Forest (Oslo, Norway) by Tracy KranitzHoest of Taake (Bergen, Norway) by Tracy KranitzBlack Metal (2005) by Tracy Kranitz

‘The lyrical concept of these bands focuses on Norse Mythology, the Viking warrior, Nature, and the brutality of the medieval era. These bands gained immediate notoriety for involvement in a brutal murder, a suicide and the burning down of 12th century stave churches’

Black Metal (2005) by Tracy KranitzBlack Metal (2005) by Tracy KranitzBlasphemer of Mayhem (Oslo, Norway) by Tracy KranitzBlack Metal (2005) by Tracy Kranitz

‘A decade later these bands still hold to the same values and are influenced by the same themes. Some bands have gone on to embrace a larger mainstream audience. While others have stayed true to the underground. Black metal bands can now be found all over the world. The subgenre’s, Vicking metal, Fantasy metal, Melodic Black metal, Tolkien metal, Doom metal, War metal, Vampiric metal, Medieval metal, and Troll metal, have expanded the sound and philosophy of Black metal into new realms of musical aggression.’

Black Metal (2005) by STACY KRANITZ.
First published with short interviews in Arthur Magazine Issue #16.