In a viral video elaborating upon a long-held belief by some Christians that Monster Energy drinks are somehow affiliated with the work of Satan, a woman explains the clues the manufacturer of the popular energy-boosting drink have hidden on the can.

Beginning with breaks in the letter ‘M,’ the woman explains that it symbolizes the Hebrew letter vav — the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet — as she maintains that the three now-broken bars of the ‘m’ stand for 666, the Sign of the Beast. She later notes how this ties in with the drink’s advertising slogan: Unleash the beast.

Turning to the ‘o’ in the word ‘monster’ she draws attention to a cross piercing it and poses the question as to what Christ, as symbolized by the cross, has to do with an energy drink company. She then notes that the can has the letters ‘BFC’ at the base which she explains stands for “Big f*cking can,” while she draws attention to to size of the 24 fl. oz can

After displaying the bulk packaging for the drinks, she notes the promotional copy which states, “MILF’s dig it, and you will too,” before concluding, “This is not a Christian company.”

She goes on to state that the manufacturers are using the popularity of the highly-caffeinated drinks to enter into Christian homes.

“This is how clever Satan is. And how he gets into the Christan home, and a Christian’s life, and it breaks God’s heart,” she explains.

Tom Boggioni
Raw Story