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Black Metal’s Unexplored Fringes

In the Darkest Shadows of Black Metal

Everybody Dies Alone

‘Here’s the first installment of One Man Metal, our latest documentary that takes a square look at a shadowy fringe of Black Metal that has never been documented… until now.

We interviewed three enigmatic solo artists—Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur—who produce black metal on the margins of society. These are men who don’t just play the music, but embody what it reflects: isolation, misanthropy, and anger.

The documentary includes the first on-camera interview with Scott Connor, AKA Xasthur, who crafts his bleak sounds from a crumbling apartment in the hinterlands of Los Angeles. We also explored the remote environs of rural Tasmania with Sin Nanna of Striborg, and finally traveled to San Francisco to speak with Jef Whitehead, AKA Leviathan.’

ONE MAN METAL (2012) Presented by Vice and Noisey


Xasthur par BRYAN SHEFFIELD, Self-Titled numéro 8 (ici)
Black Metal Satanica (2008) by MATS LUNDBERG (ici)
Black Metal’ (2005) photographs by STACY KRANITZ (ici)
Svart Metall’ (2009) par GRANT WILLING (ici)
Norsk Black Metal (Norwegian Black Metal) (ici)
Det Svarte Alvor (1994) A Black Metal Documentary (ici)