Amateurs de lignes, de diagrammes, de PAUL LAFFOLEY ou de kabbale ésotérique occidentale vous en serez enchanté :


David Chaim Smith 'Blood of Space Speaks (2009-2010)

David Chaim Smith 'Double Window Key'


SMITH’s drawings are vibrant, esoteric, beautiful, and inspired diagrams that hearken back to the tradition of alchemical art of the seventeenth century. While invoking memories of such amazing drawings, his work also goes beyond and extends this tradition. (Occult Of Personality)


David Chaim Smith 'Portal for a Drunken God' (2009-2010)

David Chaim Smith 'The Structural Balance of Substanceless Dreams' (2009-2010)

DAVID CHAIM SMITH (b.1964) is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York.


1964: born in Queens New York City
1980-1982: philosophy and art history at Queens College
1982-1986: BFA in drawing at Rhode Island School of Design
1988-1989: MFA in drawing at Colombia University
1990: beginning of intensive study of alchemy and Western Esoteric Qabalah
1990-1997: ritual work and study with several western occult orders
1997: all activity in visual art suspended in favor of practical mysticism
1997-1998: residence at Crazy Cloud Hermitage
1998-2006: immersion in Chassidic mysticism and traditional Hebrew Kabbalah
2007: innovation of a set of graphic keys based on the 13th century mystical text ”Maayin HaChochmah”. Image making is resumed after 10 year hiatus.