‘The projected images within these photographs are images found on the internet of people who have died; some are news photos, some are Facebook photos, and some are from other sources. These images were downloaded and projected into a space that was either important to that person in life or was the site of their death. The images are then reintroduced to the internet in their newly contextualized form. I do not have a personal relationship with any of the subjects’ …

… ‘These images were a copy of a copy but by reintegrating them into the physical world and treating them as spiritual fragments I hope to instill them with new life. Western culture, unlike many other cultures, resists the idea of ghostly presence. The work suggests that if we cannot as a culture see these symbols, perhaps we must create them in order to tap into their emotive power. I am also fascinated by the digital thumbprints that are left behind and exporting this data into the real world for a fleeting moment.’

Torin Stephens, photographer and painter living in Portland, OR.