‘Sound, Word, & Image. Melody, Verse, & Countenance. Star, Cross, & Crescent. Golems All’

Daniel Higgs 'Ancestral Songs' (2006)Daniel Higgs

‘The lunatics are the frogs of the Psychosphere. At this most viciously propagandized period in our civilization-stream, we rejoice in the Lord. In all of the kingdom, from the king to the cattle, none but the buffoon have begun to become free. So please, Friend & Stranger, trust in the christic magnitude of your seeming own incarnation- and truly, the antidote can be found in the vicinity of the poison’

Daniel Higgs 'Metempsychotic Melodies' (2007)Daniel Higgs

Daniel A.I.U. Higg 'Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot' (2007)Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs 'Say God' (2010)Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs
avec Héliodrome & Whilst

Casa Del Popolo (4873 St-Laurent, Mtl)
Ouverture des portes à 20:30
Info: 514.284.0122 | info@casadelpopolo.com

Une présentation du festival Suoni Per Il Popolo.