BEHEMOTH le 9 mai MMXII au Club Soda, Montréal p.Q.


Chaque 12 décembre, c’est la journée mondiale de la musique Métal, du Heavy métal. La journée mondiale du Heavy Metal a été créée en 2012 (12/12/12) par un fan de métal, « Iron Mathew Collins ».


DEICIDE le 4 mars MMXII aux Foufs, Montréal p.Q.

WATAIN le 9 mai MMXII au Club Soda, Montréal p.Q.



Founded by Iron Mathew Collins (IMC) in 2012, the International Day Of Heavy Metal is a worldwide annual event held on December 12th, dedicated to all styles of heavy metal. For that one day, we will celebrate all that is good about the genre, remember those that have passed away, and introduce at least one friend to the phenomena that is Heavy Metal.


Wear your band t-shirt with pride, play your favourite albums loud, not just at home, but in your car and at work and raise the horns high in appreciation of the best and the greatest music genre ever invented.


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DEADGUY 'Death to False Metal'