The Free Spirits in the Search of the Lost Sacred présenté à la galerie SAS, Montréal p.Q.

The Reunion of the Free Spirits in the Search of the Lost Sacred
Présentée du 22 Novembre 2012 au 19 Janvier 2013 à la galerie [sas], Montréal p.Q.
Vernissage le 22 novembre à 17:30

Galerie [sas]
372, Sainte-Catherine Ouest suite 416
Montréal (Qc) H3B 1A2

This is a Reunion of all those who hunt this universe for the sacred

This exhibition is for those who, reeling forth on cosmic wheels, propelled from the heart by lashes of wind and fire, seek to draw out, with claws, with fingers like feathers, touching grace, spinning the leather wheel of the infinite road trip into the blinding ring, glimpses of fur darting past the edges of civilization, seen from the corners of silver screen eyes, sew glistening seeds before the scathing sunsets of dawns dripping with dew, a foundation of crystal roots. This is for the warriors of light who hold trembling temptation at bay, who are driven, haunted by the need to transform the empire of conformity, by making persistent gestures of new ocean scapes.

We are a euphoric beast resurrected for an emergency. We are a multi-media tribe of Free Spirits sacrificing everything for the future of the screaming human soul. We invite you to step in, we embrace you with the circle of fire we must fuel to keep alive.

If we burn with the pleasure of creation, we owe it to the ancestors who sacrificed everything to keep the channels overflowing with endless emanations of the truth. Transported to us by open souls, these are the delicate and powerful rhythms we seek to reveal in ways that speak to our present vital hunger ; and which provoke the potential in each of us to destroy walls that block the radiation of this energy.

Through alchemical experimentation, we devise rituals in our free temple laboratory, demonstrating ways to channel the Lost Sacred wisdom into contexts of modernity.

We raise our overflowing crucibles, and our double-edged swords of Compassion and Resistance, to our vision, to our revolution : to daring to believe that art will create universal peace.