Breath of Worship

With 90 drums and 90 cymbals arranged like a brass and aluminum mountain on a stage in a converted gymnasium in Lakeville, Livingston County, you might think Dr. Mark Temperato’s drum set is poised for a packed rock concert.

You’d be wrong.

“I play for an audience of one,” says Temperato. “They call me ‘God’s Drummer’”

The first time Mark played drums in a Church was in 1978. Since that time God has used his drumming, teachings with signs & wonders to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. God uses Dr. Marks, high energy teaching style. And his unique abilities to declare the Word of God. At times the Holy Spirit may instruct him to minister on the drums or play the symphonic gong. During these moments, people often experience a sudden manifestation of the Glory of God. It is an experience people never forget and lives are deeply touched…

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