“Boyd is an iconoclast.”
– Anton LaVey, Church of Satan

Dear Friends,

My new documentary, ICONOCLAST does more than just tell the story of Boyd Rice. ICONOCLAST is so much more than just the definitive biographical film about one of the world’s most extraordinary artists. ICONOCLAST is one of those rare documentaries that transcends being about something to actually being the subject itself. Now for the first time Larry Wessel presents the real Boyd Rice.

It all began when I received an email from Boyd Rice telling me that he was a big fan of my documentaries and that they were “more than just watching something, they were like experiencing A PHENOMENON!!” He continued, “What about doing a documentary about ME?”.

Needless to say I was thrilled about this opportunity and gave Boyd a call to say, “YES!!”. I started shooting ICONOCLAST in June, 2004 and just wrapped up shooting in August, 2007.

It is now over 3 years since I began ICONOCLAST and I can honestly say that I have never had more FUN!!

I just completed a trailer for the documentary, ICONOCLAST which is having it’s Worldwide Premiere here on ICONOCLASTMOVIE.COM. The trailer for ICONOCLAST will also be screened for live audiences at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival 8 this month, Sept. 21, 22, 24 and 27th, and Boyd Rice will be screening the trailer Oct. 26 in Vilnius, Lithuania, Oct. 28 in Zagreb, Croatia and Oct. 31 in London, UK…

I am now editing approx. 200 hours of interviews with Boyd Rice, Daniel Miller, Ray Dennis Steckler, Allison Anders, Bob Larson, Jeffrey Vallance, Coop, Johanna Went, Adam Parfrey, Blanche Barton, Don Bolles, Z’EV, Douglas P, Vadge Moore, Beth Moore-Love, Jim Morton, Richard Wolstencroft, Steve Hitchcock a.k.a. Ferrara Brain Pan, Tom Griswold, Bob Ferbrache, Gidget Gein, Michael Uhlenkott (Monitor), Frederik Nilsen (B People), Brian Clark, Shaun Partridge, Giddle Partridge, James “Papa Partridge” Fairley, Snow, Lorin Partridge, Stanton LaVey, Ed Colver, Johnny Strike, Little Fyodor, Michael Sheppard, Kim Fowley, Robert Thurman, El Vez, Rubber O Cement, Diane Bartley and Mike Bartley and many others mastered to DVD and released in 2009. Oh, did I mention Rodney Bingenheimer and Kitten Natividad? How about the people that protest Boyd’s shows? They are also in ICONOCLAST!!

ICONOCLAST, the documentary will be followed by ICONOCLAST, the book, a big fat book of these interviews I did with Boyd Rice and his friends and associates that I will be putting together which is even more interviews and material that I didn’t have room to squeeze onto the DVD!!

My sweet wife, Tora has been busy as a bee transcribing these interviews for my book. She also created this beautiful website to provide up to date information on ICONOCLAST. Please bookmark this site on your computer and Stay Tuned for more developments as they come in!

Until Then My Friends,
Wild Wishes!!

Larry Wessel