ABYSSAL 'Antikatastaseis' (2015) on Iron Bonehead Productions

ABYSSAL ‘Antikatastaseis’ (2015)
Iron Bonehead Productions

Dark Descent Records

LEVIATHAN 'Scar Sighted' (2015) on Profound Lore Records

LEVIATHAN ‘Scar Sighted’ (2015)
Profound Lore Records

MGLA 'Exercises In Futility' (2009) on Northern Heritage, No Solace

MGLA ‘Exercises In Futility’ (2015)
Northern Heritage & No Solace

VASTUM 'Hole Below' (2015) on 20 Buck Spin

VASTUM ‘Hole Below’ (2015)
20 Buck Spin

CULT LEADER 'Lightless Walk' (2015) on Deathwish Inc.

CULT LEADER ‘Lightless Walk’ (2015)
Deathwish Inc.

BIG BRAVE 'Au De La' (2015) on Southern Lord

BIG BRAVE ‘Au De La’ (2015)
Southern Lord

CHRIST 'Tower' (2015) on L'Oeil Du Tigre

CHRIST ‘Tower’ (2015)
L’Oeil Du Tigre

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN 'The Totality Of Death' (2015) on :retortae:

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN ‘The Totality Of Death’ (RE 2015)

WHEN 'The Black Death' (RE 2015) on Ideologic Organ

WHEN ‘The Black Death’ (RE 2015)
Ideologic Organ