Murder Music: A History of Black Metal
David Kenny, United Kingdom, 2007, 64 min

‘Murder Music: A History of Black Metal is a heavy metal music documentary aired on British pay-per-view channel Rockworld TV. Murder Music centers around the controversial black metal subgenre. It was written by renowned metal journalist Malcolm Dome and hosted by Rockworld TV’s and Contraband Candy’s René Ackermann, who was also the documentary’s associate producer.

The main themes of Murder Music are: the musical origins of black metal, from Birmingham, UK heavy metal group BLACK SABBATH to Newcastle extreme metal pioneers VENOM; the anti-Christian sentiment of its practitioners; the controversies surrounding the criminal acts (arson and murder) of the early Norwegian scene; and the paradox of a Christian form of black metal, represented by Scandinavian band FROSTHARDR.

Musicians from some key contemporary bands in the scene are interviewed, such as SATYRICON, IMMORTAL, MAYHEM, DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH. Some non-musicians are interviewed as well, including Terrorizer magazine editor Jonathan Selzer and Didrik Søderlind, co-author of the Lords of Chaos book.

Black Metal: The Norwegian Legacy?
Bill Zebub, USA, 2008, 90 min

‘The term ‘black metal’ was coined by the band VENOM but the meaning has changed. It now refers to a style that was developed by Norwegians. But some argue that the music is from Sweden because BATHORY created the quintessence of Black Metal. This documentary discards the sensationalism and conducts riveting chats with bands like ENSLAVED, DARK FUNERAL, NAGLFAR, ROTTING CHRIST, BLOODTHORN, DIMMU BORGIR and other dark artists. Exclusive footage of live performances spices up the enjoyment.’


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