DANIEL MITSUI 'Sorrowful Mysteries'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Glorious Mysteries'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Joyful Mysteries'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Solomon & St-Sebastian'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Crucifixion'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Crucifixion'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Last Judgment'

DANIEL MITSUI 'Nativity of Christ'


DANIEL MITSUI 'Presentation in the Temple'

Born in Georgia, USA, in 1982, and raised in Illinois. Now lives in Chicago. He has studied drawing, oil painting, etching, lithography, wood carving, bookbinding and film animation.

‘In my religious drawings, I attempt to be faithful to the instructions of the Second Nicene Council, which stated that the composition of religious imagery is not left to the initiative of artists, but is formed upon principles laid down by the Catholic Church and by religious traditionThe execution alone belongs to the painter, the selection and arrangement of subject belongs to the Fathers.

In Gothic art, the iconographic tradition that stretches back to the apostolic age was expressed with extraordinary vigor, fidelity and theological sophistication. It is from the illuminated manuscripts, panel paintings, tapestries and incunabula of the Northern European late Middle Ages that I draw most of my inspiration’ (…)